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Jackson Church History

Part 1 by Estel Eaton

The Church was first located on Pearl Street in Jackson


The grass roots of this church began in the gay 18 nineties when Elder Gifford and Boardman came to Jackson and held a series of meetings in a tent on the corner of Tropic street and Trago Ave. Those meetings resulted in 5 converts of the Third Angel’s Message. Namely: my mother, Elizabeth Halterman, her mother, Elle M. Brown, Martha J. Evans, Mary Jane Callahan, and Jasper Jacobs. Occasionally they met for communion services with a small company at Beaver, Ohio. Sabbath school was held spasmodically in the homes of the new believers. My earliest recollections of attending S.S. was at the home of Sr. Evans who then lived on Trago Ave.


About the year 1915, B.P. Foote, a colporteur sold the book Great Controversary in the Jackson area. He met up with two families that became interested in the message. They were the Hayth family and the Radcliff family. Charles Radcliff was the father of our Lee Radcliff and Ida Martin, both members of the Jackson church. For a short time S.S. was held in the Lee Radcliff home. Then about 1918, three years later, another colporteur, M.B. Ingersoll, moved to Jackson, and sold truth filled literature throughout the county. S.S. was held at his home for a season.


The next to arrive for seed sowing was Elizabeth Morris, a Bible Instructor just out of Washington Missionary College. It was her untiring efforts in home visitation and Bible study that really paved the way for the evangelistic effort conducted by R. S. Lindsay in the autumn of 1921. The meetings attracted a large attendance from the very start. They were held in this building (The church on Pearl Street). Two Bible workers were assigned by the conference to further instruct the interested ones. They were Elizabeth Morris and Fannie Emmel. On March 18, 1922 forty (40) persons were baptized and became members of the church when it was organized the following day March 19, 1922.


The following members holding membership with the Ohio Conference Church formed the nucleus for the organization: Martha J. Evans, Ella M. Brown, Elizabeth Halterman, Elizabeth Morris, Mary Jane Callahan, and Estel Eaton (Estel Lackey). Several were taken in on profession of faith. They, with the newly baptized ones, added to the nucleus, made a total of 60 charter members. Of that number only 11 are now know to be living. They are: Elizabeth Morris, Ella Lesser, Bessie Walke, Emma Riley, Lucille Callahan, Ida Martin, Mrs. Hilton Hughes (Beatrice Barton), Mrs, Eugene Saunders ( Gale Garrett), Mrs. James Dunahoo (Thelma Garrett), Loren Ward, and Estel Easton.(as of 2004 – all of these are deceased)


Our first pastor was Elder F.M. Fairchild, a man loved and respected by every one in the community. To him goes the honor for managing the purchase of this building for our church home. It was through the generosity of towns people and men of wealth in the conference that we were practically given this building for a worship center. On October 21, 1922 (same year) another baptism was held bringing our membership up to seventy (70). Of this baptism only two (2) are known to be living. Mary Etta Callahan and Ellen Keller. Our S.S. membership was over 100. Our prayer meetings were well attended and deeply spiritual. We have been blessed with a variety of talented ministers, each of whom have been a blessing to the church. Elder C.C. Webster followed Elder Fairchild, then Lewis Lenheim, W.W. Ellis, Paul Cardey, Russell Krick, J.W. Shults, Arthur Wade, L.R. Holst, Robert Holst, S.A. Yakush, Cecil Paden, Vernon Harris, R.E. Dickason, Richard Faber, Joseph Krpaleck, John F. Littlefield, Joe Spicer, Warren Pierce, Ronald Adkinson, and Donald Madison.


Our building has been remodeled several times. From a measly hollow structure, without pews, and only two (2) pot bellied stoves for heating, one on the right and one on the left center sections of the room, we have gradually taken on our now modern appearance. The ceiling has been lowered a couple of times, the platform changed, front steps enlarged and banistered also a baptistery installed. Through the courtesy of the Walter Corwins’ we now have two children’s class rooms made available by the installation of velvet drapes. Also the beautiful back drop and platform curtains. Loren Callahan donated the gold name plate in front of our building and the kindergarten table and benches. He also started the excavating for our rest rooms and furnace space. Clyde Martin did much of the cement work for the steps and footing around the base of the church. Our present pastor Elder Madison has engineered and serviced most of the present redecorating also the window pane repairing. Raymond White and Richard Spangenberg deserve honorable mention for their services.


We have shared our church with several protestant denominations who came praying for the privilege of Sunday worship in our quarters. Their reimbursements for service rendered assisted us in meeting our financial obligations. The last church to occupy our building was the Faith Lutheran congregation. The two (2) large pulpit chairs on this platform are gifts of that church. Along with many others, the Weinfurtners’ have contributed liberally to our needs to make our church more attractive. From this church there have been six (6) Registered nurses, 1 Bible Instructor, 2 Church school teachers, 1 minister, 1 accountant or conference treasurer, and 1 foreign missionary. With but few exceptions we have met our Ingathering goals set by the conference. All debts are liquidated. The church board is hopeful for the future . We are expecting great things from God as we near the end of time.

Part 2 to follow

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